More than you care to know..

Friday, October 6: First Dentist visit in over 3 years. Dr. Andrews cleans my teeth, X-rays reveal that I need my first root canal, a few cavities filled, and 4 wisdom teeth pulled.
Thursday, November 2: Dr. Armstrong performs root canal and fills crown with temporary filling.
Thursday, November 9: Dr. Andrews removes temporary filling, cleans remainder of decay in tooth crown, adds a steel post, and refills with temporary filling.
Thursday, November 16: Dr. Andrews removes temporary filling, files down outside of crown, sets molds for an artificial crown (chose the alternative to gold), creates a temporary one, polishes it, cements it on with temporary cement, and sends order out for the permanent one. 10 business days.
Thursday, November 30: Dr. Andrews will cement on permanent artificial crown.

Note[1]: The temporary artificial crown I now have has already (1 day after) come loose, and today I've been taking it in and out so I don't choke on it. It looks like I will need to go in Monday to get it re-cemented. I never had a problem with any of the temporary fillings from previous weeks..
Note[2]: Thanksgiving is between now and when I get the permanent artificial crown, and these 2 weeks are the most unstable chunk of time in the whole procedure. Ugh! :)