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from a wise friend

sent to me and others on 09 Feb 2001...
In the harshness of the outside world,
in the confusion of my inner thoughts,
in the perils of my work,
there is no comfort to be found.

In the pain of my memories,
in the hurt of my past,
in the despair of my loneliness,
there is no comfort to be found.

In the depths of my depression,
in the wastefulness of my actions,
in the anger of my heart,
there is no comfort to be found.

In the eyes of my parents,
in the caring of my friends,
in the kindness of strangers,
comfort is found.

In the belief of God,
in the harmony of nature,
in the peacefulness of the night,
comfort is found.

In the joy of friendship,
in the love of the soul,
in the hope for tomorrow,
comfort is found.
- DonShuler

The pregnant silence.

Yes, I'm back from Africa, and I'm alive, but I don't have a monstrous post ready for you to read yet. :-/ I hope you can forgive me. On my return, first I focused on regaining my energy, and now I'm just kind've waiting for the stars to align before I can properly express the tsunami of experiences.

In the meantime, you may peruse the pictures, knowing that they will be only the slightest taste without my narration.

Also in the meantime, Jack has been posting the most thorough response to a question I've ever received. He has begun a 5 part series on the relationship between Catholic Parishes and "Lay Movements" that find their existence independently from parishes. Thanks Jack, I'm blown away by the depth of your response.