free shtuff!

Yesterday I came across a very cool free resource... so you know how designers can find online libraries of fonts as well as high quality, high resolution graphics and photographs? These are usually pay sites. Well check out stock.xchng. Wowsers. Don't be scared off by the required registration... it's all free! Looks like I won't be needing to take a digital camera to any of the tourist traps that I plan on visiting in my lifetime, I can just mooch better pics of said locations from this site! Makes for excellent browsing for awesome desktop background images. It's like Webshots on steroids. It's like discovering Google Maps after having just used MapQuest. (ps- Google Local now offers that map functionality fully integrated..)

Stumbling across that site set my mind rolling on free stuff. I just realized how my professional focus on open source software has been an extension of an interest in free stuff that I had back in high school. (for the brave, check out those two links... check out those HTML skillz! :) That trip through memory lane last night was plenty entertaining.

Here's another one: how about free bandwidth? Know about a site that's been slashdotted or scared that your own website provider is getting stingy with your available bandwidth? Append ".nyud.net:8090" to the hostname portion of any URL, and any of you geeks will enjoy the result. It's called Coral, the NYU Distribution Network.