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Ever the apologist, I guess.

"Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all." - Peter Drucker

A prize for the first person who explains why I think this quote brings understanding to a sorely misunderstood ethical issue. :)

The sheer joy that humans are capable of

It seems that an inspirational man has just died. Some of you may have caught a whiff of it on the news, a skydiver who collided with his airplane mid-flight, got his legs sheered off, still managed to make a landing while conscious, and died in the emergency room. Grab a membership at forums to listen in on the genuine mourning and testaments to the impact Gus had on people, and stop in at for a more structured memorial.

He gave us lasting memories of the best times of our lives. His work captured the sheer joy humans are capable of. - Elizabeth May

Damn.... My team trained at DeLand 2003/2004; Gus always had time to talk to anyone, in this case me; he didn't need to know who you were. Listening to his stories of early skysurf camera and Grand Canyon jumps and you soon realise the history he has personnally added to the sport.

Gus apparently died just a while ago, wow

one of the nicest people you ccould ever meet with a great outlook on life,

what a tragic …

What's in a blog, anyway?

I find myself torn between this being a personal journal to catalog my life, for myself and anyone interested, and an actual "work", a study of Catholicism, a study of a quest for authenticity. Especially recently, I've felt very drawn into the study of the impact of the "Papal bull" on we, the body of Christ, and the world in general. But I don't want to lose my journal either, because that's the entirety of my relevance.

This past week I made some progress at work, but only to be replaced with more urgency. Got the company fax server back up and running faster, but now trying to get the backup server/policy all worked out, the only difference being that the Prez is just as interested in this project as the VP/my boss.. which of course adds a bit of tension. :) Oh also worked out an SSL problem that was looking pretty intimidating.

Yesterday morning I pulled myself out of bed to go to the 2nd of 3 training sessions to become a "Minister of Car…

Story of my life

In this scenario, I would be the Dogbert character. :) The only discrepancy being that about 60% of the time, the "freezing up" is in no way my fault.

Also, thanks Sabeena for letting me know why I keep gettin' all twitchy: Emails 'hurt IQ more than pot'

Habemus Papam!

We have a Pope!!! I got to watch it all, from the white smoke to the refusal of thousands to leave the square afterwards.

Marian Devotion

These past two weeks feel more like two months. After the climax of remembrance called "Holy Week", it was truly time to celebrate. I dropped the dark theme I had installed on here for the duration of Holy Week, and switched back to the normal light colors, along with the Easter red interspersed throughout. This symbolizes the blood that was spilled that we would know how so very much we are loved. Sure, "God loves me", but the notion that Jesus suffered and died for us makes the notion that "God loves me" burn so much more strongly within me. What a life that asks of us!

Many have noted how fitting is it that John Paul II would have been given this time to pass on. My initial cynical thoughts were, "yeah, yeah, any time would have been fitting!" Funny though, there a couple of strong objections to that. First, so what if any time would have been fitting? Doesn't that even further exhibit how much of a shepherd he was for the univers…

Let us pray..

As the media reminds us of the great impact John Paul II had on the world, let us remind ourselves of the challenge that the new pope will inherit. As the College of Cardinals gathers in obedience to select the successor, let us pray for them, and what they will be loosing upon the world. Let us pray that God's will be done above all.

John Paul the Great, thank you everything you were. We pray for your intercession into the hearts of your Bishops, that the man chosen will submit himself fully to Christ within.

Take some extra time this week to offer your thoughts and prayers up to this process. This is a moment in history where it is hard to discount the power of prayer. Also, please know that this is not only a moment of concern for the Catholic faithful, but all of mankind, to whose service the pope dedicates his life entirely.

Update: 4/5 Public access station WGN will be broadcasting the funeral at 3AM Chicago time, Friday morning. How would you have liked to have your…