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Sunburst '08

Last night, Sheila and Laura G hosted a pasta dinner in order to help a few of us carbo-load prior to the Sunburst races this morning in South Bend. What a blessing that was, as well as the opportunity to watch a recording of the Gaudet home on Extreme Home Makeover. What an incredible home, and ability of the team to highlight the passions and struggles of the Gaudet family!

This morning I caught a few of us before the race for well-wishes, and then we lingered after our respective races to wait for everyone to get in. The finale was the incredible sight of Sarah H finishing her first ever half-marathon!

The weather was beautiful, if humid, and it has remained incredible today. I'm discovering more and more that whenever the seasons change, I personally feel a fresh awareness of the wonderful experiences that life is, a gift from God. Another thing I'm discovering more and more, is that running is the great equalizer. It is a rather individualistic sport, which while it…


In the last couple years, I've read three novel/biographies about some recent-day Christians who've brought their faith into physically demanding missionary work. I first read Chasing the Dragon, followed immediately by The Cross and the Switchblade, and I just recently finished Bruchko.

I had been putting off reading Bruchko, but when David Zimmel referred extensively to it during the high school boys retreat I helped with, I decided to finally take the plunge. I had been hearing not-so-glowing thoughts about it from Kyle, so I figured I would quell my curiousity on multiple levels.

Bruchko is a keeper. I say that primarily due to the wide variety of readers I think it can be appealing to. It's not long and rambling, but it does jump back and forth in time, giving you more picture to work with without losing your attention. Bruce takes a very honest, critical look at various points of contact that Christianity had with his life, but the ongoing theme is his desire to b…

Describe yourself with the alphabet..

Tagged by Jim! Thusly, I tag August, Eric, Todd, Jackie, and Mark-Alan! Supposedly you're not allowed to spend more than 26 minutes working on this too.
a. antagonistic at times
b. butterfingers in basketball
c. crowdfright
d. dastardly
e. enthusiastic
f. far-fetched thoughts
g. good listener
h. happy usually
i. independent to a fault
j. juxtapose-crazy
k. killer sarcasm
l. lofty, impossible standards
m. meddling
n. nifty
o. only 1 person at a time, please!
p. prideful
q. quiet
r. runner
s. street-smart
t. timid
u. undisciplined
v. voiceless
w. wary
x. excel novice
y. yam-lover (and ALL other foods too!)
z. zoologist at heart
Souls eager to arrive at union with God must accept, without excusing themselves, every correction or rebuke, even if not wholly deserved, and even if wholly unjust. It takes great humility to find oneself unjustly condemned and be silent, and to do this is to imitate the Lord, who set us free from all our sins. - Teresa of Avila