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New Job Again

So right now there is way too much for me to blog. At least it seems like too much in my head, maybe it will be more "whelming" once I get it out.

Got a call from my Dad, regarding his brother Mike who has been undergoing chemotherapy for some stage 4 cancer in his liver and colon. Last week's CAT scan showed another decrease the nodes in his liver, and... they can't find any trace of it in his colon. Gone. woohoo! God is good, thank you big man! The task is not complete, so continued prayers are in order, but we do we see that statistics are only statistics.

Spent the last ~2 days in Chicago, which I am very glad happened. On the train ride home, it occurred to me how odd my enjoyment of this visit may appear to many people I know. All I did was visit people, in the midst of pretty normal activities for them. I did some volunteer work with the HNC young adults, and got to see a few that I know and meet a few others. I showed up at the apartment Chris is stay…