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Using a meme to introduce Jim

I grew up in the Muncie branch of the People of Praise. A fixture in that branch and my life has always been the Schenkels. Rosanne was the office secretary at St. MaryElementary through my years there, and Jim has just always been around poking me in the ribs and never giving me a chance to see his face without a smile on it. While I don't see much of them these days, each time I do it's richer and richer, as I'm coming to appreciate what they've chosen for their lives more and more. I work with Jeremy, and when Jim was in visiting for a recent leaders conference, and he discovered that Jeremy had written the first website for the People of Praise, he instantly went down on one knee and made the sign of the cross to Jeremy. :) I felt honored to be witness to that honoring. :)

I just got a blog comment from Jim telling me that he had linked to me and wanted to pass a meme along to me. As a viral form of blogging, I don't participate in them that much, but …