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Some qualities of Jesus from Luke 4:38-44

- knows what to do
- sure of himself
- knows his boundaries, limitations
- what matters to him is effort
- prays in deserted places because he is so entirely devoted to those around him
- he is not above inconveniences/distractions
- he is a brother before a healer
- people come to him to feel better, not to be holy

Last night's work

So let's see. I'm here in the Allendale [pdf] neighborhood of Shreveport, Louisiana, spending the week with about 22 others. Jeremy & I are on the clock working for One:Ten 40 hours, but we've been able to enter into much of the life going on here.

Last night was a date night for the married couples, and the rest of us men did some work together. We ate dinner with the women quick and then all split up to go and pray alone for a half hour prior to going out. The objective was to talk with our Father about what sort of word we ought to bring to men in the neighborhood. We gathered together briefly to share what we had each arrived at in prayer, and then we struck out in 3 groups of 2-3, planning to meet back up in 1 hour. We got to speak to children, young men, middle-aged men, and a man with 8 grandkids. Everyone that I encountered had already had exposure to my group of friends who lives here, and have lived here for the past 6 years, in the heart of this stunte…