What's in a blog, anyway?

I find myself torn between this being a personal journal to catalog my life, for myself and anyone interested, and an actual "work", a study of Catholicism, a study of a quest for authenticity. Especially recently, I've felt very drawn into the study of the impact of the "Papal bull" on we, the body of Christ, and the world in general. But I don't want to lose my journal either, because that's the entirety of my relevance.

This past week I made some progress at work, but only to be replaced with more urgency. Got the company fax server back up and running faster, but now trying to get the backup server/policy all worked out, the only difference being that the Prez is just as interested in this project as the VP/my boss.. which of course adds a bit of tension. :) Oh also worked out an SSL problem that was looking pretty intimidating.

Yesterday morning I pulled myself out of bed to go to the 2nd of 3 training sessions to become a "Minister of Care".. an opportunity I'm really glad I've encountered, and kinda wish I had earlier. After that, I drove down to Rensselaer (after calling JJ about a million times! ;-) for another installment of the annual Little 500 go-kart race day and alumni gatherings. Gotta say, I had a blast. I really cherish the group of friends and even acquaintences that I can thank SJC for connecting me with. Got there, hung out in Halleck for a bit, walked over to the race, then into the Beer tent (or cage, as Sean calls it), then up into the Computer Center, then a short stop in Schwietermann, then Halleck again, then the Pub, then to see Sahara (which I had no idea was based on a book I'd read by one of my favorite authors), then to Core XI, then home by about 3! Each place had it's own interesting and enjoyable dynamic. :)

Update 4/25: Forgot to mention.. between May 15 and May 30, I'm moving!