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Little update from Angola, IN, my family's lake cabin. They were all here this past week, and I opted to work this week and work Thurs & Fri here so that I could at least be with everyone for a portion of the week. There is a cable internet connection coming into an upstairs bedroom that overlooks the main room, front room, and lake, so this is a mighty distracting place to be working from. Actually fortunately Thurs & Fri were both kinda dreary so it seems that was more of a blessing for me than everyone else. Nonetheless, I'm returning to South Bend in an hour with my fair share of sunburn, and sore muscles. My shoulders and arms are dead from skiing and jet-skiing. With the jet-ski, I have perfected a technique of drenching people in water - be they in a boat, canoe, or kayak - without exactly blasting their heads off or running over them. With skiing, it's been great to discover that I am finally able to slalom - ski with only 1 ski. I got up on my firs…

My wheels need(ed) work..

I just had the 100,000 mile full checkup on my vehicle. Here's the lineup...Differential Pinion SealSpark PlugsIgnition WiresAir FilterCooling System Power Chemical FlushAuto Transmission Power Chemical FlushFront Disc Brake RotorsRear Disc Brake RotorsLeft Rear Axle SealMore that needs done in the next 6 months..Rear Main SealFuel FilterBrake Fluid FlushPower Steering FlushNot that any of you cared, this is partly just a reminder that this is my blog where I record important things. :-P Good day!
I suffer from a form of techno-lust. Thankfully it's end-result has not been purchases; my preference for fewer personal belongings still wins out in general. But I still frequently daydream about technology and it's various uses. Sometimes for the sake of drawing people together online, sometimes for the sake of organizing my life, sometimes for relaxation via music or movies, sometimes for education. Those are all good things, but it qualifies as lust because I indecisively think about it more often than I act on it.

When I'm not posting on here, I might be too busy with life. But I might just be too busy daydreaming about what to write.