The sheer joy that humans are capable of

It seems that an inspirational man has just died. Some of you may have caught a whiff of it on the news, a skydiver who collided with his airplane mid-flight, got his legs sheered off, still managed to make a landing while conscious, and died in the emergency room. Grab a membership at Dropzone.com forums to listen in on the genuine mourning and testaments to the impact Gus had on people, and stop in at GusWing.com for a more structured memorial.

He gave us lasting memories of the best times of our lives. His work captured the sheer joy humans are capable of. - Elizabeth May

Damn.... My team trained at DeLand 2003/2004; Gus always had time to talk to anyone, in this case me; he didn't need to know who you were. Listening to his stories of early skysurf camera and Grand Canyon jumps and you soon realise the history he has personnally added to the sport.

Gus apparently died just a while ago, wow

one of the nicest people you ccould ever meet with a great outlook on life,

what a tragic way to go.

Blue skies my friend,

Eager to experience the thrill of free falling from 12,000 feet, yet anxious, she and her boyfriend found the money to sky dive more easily than the nerve -- until Albert "Gus" Wing III greeted them at the DeLand Airport on Saturday morning.

Wing, 50, a legendary aerial photographer, had been jumping from planes for 30 years.

"He just had the biggest smile on his face," Trombino, an 18-year-old Stetson University education major from suburban Chicago, said in an interview Sunday. "It's a scary thing to go jump out of an airplane, and he made us feel instantly safe." - Sky diver made others feel safe