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Pope Benedict XVI visits the United States

Don't really have much to post, well I suppose I do, lots of cool stuff is happening lately. Lots of youth ministry ranging from kindergarten through 9th grade boys... good stuff at work... weather is inducing more running... lots of opportunities for me to further nourish relationships with friends and family. But what I'm interested in posting is a bit of information about the current Pope.

I've recently realized how much the Pope speaks to the world. He has something to say to everyone. I have no doubt that he could have an intense conversation with you, and draw out and illuminate the image of God that you were born with. He has been in the U.S. this week, and I'm most amazed at the depth of content that he prepared and reflected on during each of his various visits. Below are his speeches verbatim, from just this trip:

Press Conference Aboard Papal Flight - "I Go to the United States With Joy"
Pontiff's Address at White House - "Faith Sheds …