Vacation, come and gone.

Am I sufficiently refreshed? That remains to be seen. Am I content? Most definitely. :) Today I gave it one last shot at slaloming and managed to get up for approximately 3 seconds. That's about 2.5 seconds longer than I was ever able to on my previous efforts throughout the week. It's so out of control! Like learning how to walk... on a tightrope. With no arms.

Got my first experience of sun poisoning. You apply meagre amounts of sun screen and feel proud of yourself that you managed to avoid shedding more layers of skin than a snake, and what do you get? The next round of games: red splotches in random areas that look more like a rash or allergic reaction than sunburn. Oh well, my 28th floor cave/office will gladly keep me far far away from the sun henceforth.

Aside from cooking breakfast one morning, and seeing my sister & brother-in-law off another morning, I made it to morning mass each day with my Dad. Another step in the lifelong adult process of blurring the line between "father" and "friend".

Family is a wonderful gift. We're all adults now, and our relationships are taking new paths. While here in Chicago, I have been breaking down many stereotypes about living in a big city. But one remains, and is standing strong. I spoke with my sister a little about it, the fact that there is so little intersection among the different age groups. Generation Connections are few and far between.