I'm back

Running along the lake this morning with Chris, I told him I felt like I had let down my fellow runners. The winter of '03-'04, I ran off and on throughout the entire season, enjoying the snow, wind, and cold, wearing whatever gear I needed to, or running as hard as I needed to to maintain a healthy body temperature. Chris and I were continually amused at the drastic decrease of runners over the winter, the following summer asking the masses the rhetorical question, "Where were you a few months ago? Where were you when it was about 70 degrees cooler, when we were getting an agility workout trekking through snow?" Well, this recent winter, I was one of those who disappeared with the arrival of the inclement weather. I think today kinda informally marks my return to the streets and the increased blood flow.

On a similar note, I found a "this is so me!" article. I love biking in the city. It's gotta be one of my favorite things to do here, even just biking to work! It's exhilirating, and this article illustrates how I feel about it. I could see myself trying it out. A Coder in Courierland || kuro5hin.org