Well, starting last week, I am now the "Network Czar" at my employer. Or something to that effect, it'll probably go down as "Lead Network Administrator" or "Senior Network Administrator" on my resume. I was about 90% surprised at the offer, I had heard rumours, but never took them seriously or counted on them. This was after 17 months as Systems Administrator for a particular subset of my employers operations.

The Good:
- great resume material. very great.
- a means to further accelerate my debt elimination, thereby achieving freedom from financial chains
- more professional and career challenges than ever before. more systems, more interaction with more people. more responsibility. more technologies. more logistics.

The Bad:
- now directly responsible for Micro$oft servers. i must now play more nicely than ever before.
- yanked out of the cozy BCK community, and into the sea of chaos.
- i replaced a long-time employee. even with severance, it was a painful reminder of the brutality of capitalism at its most raw.
- i didn't accept the position in a very professional manner. while i was honest about my long-term intentions, i didn't negotiate the terms of promotion as aggressively as i should have.

Hooray for milestones.