Weekday evenings fly by. I really need to be more productive during them. But it feels so good to lay back and watch TV for a coupla hours. hmm... maybe unplug my TV? Right now I'm blasting Damien Rice, which I snagged from Theresa when she came over this weekend. I also watched two movies; Sneakers is a classic which I always enjoy, but I saw The Village as well, for the first (and second!) time. I actually really really enjoyed it, I think it has become a favorite of mine. There's no snippet or quote that captures what I like about it, it really only exists as a whole.

Friday night I managed to get Oracle 9i installed on one of our new servers at work. The biggest problem was that the installer relied on an obsolete version of glibc, so I had to compile a bit of code to be preloaded by glibc prior to calling the installer. Oracle has always been a black box to me so it was pretty exhilirating when I finally got in to the SQL prompt.

I'm slowly becoming more disciplined in living the lifestyle I want to live, but there are still big hurdles. It's funny how quickly you can forget about your true dependence on God, when you get on a roll. Not funny I guess, curious maybe. I keep resolving to spend some quiet time and give my thoughts to Him for perhaps an hour each day, but it's inconsistent at best.

Are you acknowledging your complete and utter reliance on Him for the air you breath, for the warmth coursing through your veins?