A ship tossed on the ocean...

What a beautiful feeling: it's Sunday night, listening to some Neil Diamond in an apartment that is slowly taking even more shape as a hospitable place of rest, and just basking in the feeling of tomorrow. Namely, a tomorrow unencumbered with the standard obligations. Chris is coming by in the morning and we're gonna hammer out at 16-miler before it gets too hot out.

I'm really happy about this marathon training thing. It's really just a personal thing, a work of self-discipline and growth. I don't consider myself any more gifted than the next person on the sidewalk, the battle is against personal demons alone. In the process, though, I'm taking slight chances to reach out to people in my vicinity. I'm normally a pretty self-conscious, nervous person, and being tired after a run lowers some of my inhibitions. Funny, I always noticed how alcohol does that to me, and decided that perhaps some inhibitions aren't such a horrible thing. Hypocrisy?

Earlier this morning I noticed a girl from Holy Name Cathedral at our running group, and she had also been at a run earlier this week. So I struck up a convo with her and her friend, Rachel and Joan, both parishioners @ Holy Name. Finding people that share more than 1 of my interests is a great thing!

Even before the campaigning picked up speed, I've been trying to increase my understanding of the political realm, and global economy and state of existence, in the previous year or so. Now that I think about it, I find it somewhat fitting. Elementary was mostly my subconscious, core, basic education, if anything. High School was me waking up... diving, or falling headlong, into the world my peers had long since been swimming in. College, I got to work and tried to help those nearest me. Now, I'm standing up, trying to get a good look around, and noticing the world. The prevailing theme is misunderstanding. We're trying much harder to be heard, than to hear. Now, more than ever, am I comforted by the guidance of a magisterium that has yet to betray me. But it only answers when I knock.