And we all float on..

Through the last couple of weeks, I've been taking one trip per weekday to my new studio apartment at 1824 N Lincoln Park W with a load of stuff to drop off. One of the benefits of trying to decrease my belongings over time instead of increasing them is that moving is a wee bit more bearable! (Another benefit is not really caring when your car's CD player is stolen... ;-) The last day on my lease is Tuesday, so I've got till then, not including going back to Indiana this weekend to help Don move and maybe see some of the fam in Angola.

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! - Revelation 3:14-16

Every day around 6:15pm I get a small scripture verse delivered to my phone. This one came in Monday, and spoke to me.

Weekends, and work. Weekends, and work. It's a sign of stagnation when you feel that you are living for the weekend, and that the cycle of a week is just an endless cycle, beginning anew each week. -- We are capable of so much more! Make a plan, and live it out. Steer your ship, don't just go along for the ride!

If there's one thing that I've forgotten, it's the key to everything: Without you, God, I am nothing. For you, God, I will do anything. In you alone, God, is pure happiness.