Innocence leads to broken jaw

This is a story from my friend K. If you know who I'm talking about, please don't use his name in the comments or I'll have to delete them. If you'd like to know who it is, feel free to email me and ask.


Major facts are just wrong:

Both men eventually pulled into the Speedway gas station at Edison and South Bend Avenue, police said, and about 30 seconds later a third vehicle, a black Dodge, pulled in as well, blocking the victim from leaving.

Intending to apologize, the victim exited his vehicle, police said. He was met by the driver of the SUV, who punched him several times in the mouth, knocking him unconscious.

I had my seatbelt on the whole time, and I wasn't punched by the SUV driver. I was sucker punched by his buddy from the second car while I was paying attention to the driver of the suv who was walking around yelling.

This all happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. Thankfully, K had a buddy in the car, D, who was able to accompany him to the Medpoint. I know I am not the only one whose first reaction was strong anger toward the men that decided to treat K that way. I could just picture K being compliant and trying to rectify the situation of him cutting someone off, and what he got in return for it. I am proud of him for making that effort in the first place. I admire that he didn't just shrug off his mistake and keep going. I wish I could say that I have EVER responded like that! But when he did respond like that, he is taken advantage of. I just hope that K does not lose his compassion for fellow drivers. More caution will be necessary, but not less love!