A covenant with His people..

Today my co-worker made a lifelong commitment to the Christian community that I belong to. There were hundreds of us present to witness it, and those who had already made the commitment were invited to stand and join in while eight people, Jeremy included, recited what exactly they were agreeing to.

For more information about it, see the "covenant" section of People of Praise. The timeline follows along with typical religious communities - you go through a trial period for usually 4-7 years where you are exploring life in the community and deciding how much you like it. If eventually you decide you're fully on board, in light of a multitude of experiences of it, then you make a lifelong commitment to it. Of course you may choose later to change your mind, but you are saying that at this point, you intend for it to be lifelong.

This is exciting. Someday I expect I'll be doing the same thing. God is renewing his creation more each day, and the People of Praise would have it no other way!

(PS - Today, the day after that meeting, the responsorial psalm in the church readings is Psalm 111 verse 5: "The Lord will remember his covenant forever".)