Describe yourself with the alphabet..

Tagged by Jim! Thusly, I tag August, Eric, Todd, Jackie, and Mark-Alan! Supposedly you're not allowed to spend more than 26 minutes working on this too.
a. antagonistic at times
b. butterfingers in basketball
c. crowdfright
d. dastardly
e. enthusiastic
f. far-fetched thoughts
g. good listener
h. happy usually
i. independent to a fault
j. juxtapose-crazy
k. killer sarcasm
l. lofty, impossible standards
m. meddling
n. nifty
o. only 1 person at a time, please!
p. prideful
q. quiet
r. runner
s. street-smart
t. timid
u. undisciplined
v. voiceless
w. wary
x. excel novice
y. yam-lover (and ALL other foods too!)
z. zoologist at heart