Interesting thing I'm discovering about myself: I grew up thinking it was a selfish thing to say, "I want to be a saint."

That probably sounds absurd. All Christians aspire to sainthood, and even non-Christians know that it's something important to us.

I grew up thinking it would be an amazing gift from God to be a saint, but would honestly feel ashamed ever expressing a desire to be a saint.

Pretty crazy! I realize now that what I saw in sainthood was miracles and eternal life and joy and comfort and good food and being "better than everyone else." What I see now is a life of poverty, humility, and humiliations. An ardent desire for God's unity and peace and justice, so ardent that you would daily lay down your life for it. As this understanding grows, I'm beginning to realize how good it is even to desire sainthood. To be Christ here today.

Who wants to be a saint?