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I suffer from a form of techno-lust. Thankfully it's end-result has not been purchases; my preference for fewer personal belongings still wins out in general. But I still frequently daydream about technology and it's various uses. Sometimes for the sake of drawing people together online, sometimes for the sake of organizing my life, sometimes for relaxation via music or movies, sometimes for education. Those are all good things, but it qualifies as lust because I indecisively think about it more often than I act on it.

When I'm not posting on here, I might be too busy with life. But I might just be too busy daydreaming about what to write.

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Five Months Ago

This day five months ago my life underwent a tremendous transition. I embarked on a new journey with Cathy. Her home became my home, and mine hers. We vowed to join together in this life as an act of faith in the kingdom of God here today. These five months have been filled with a combination of new roller coaster rides and the delicate hidden changes that happen inside a cocoon.

Hallelujah! Praise God for his goodness and the life he gives us to be his new creation!

Innocence leads to broken jaw

This is a story from my friend K. If you know who I'm talking about, please don't use his name in the comments or I'll have to delete them. If you'd like to know who it is, feel free to email me and ask.

Major facts are just wrong:

Both men eventually pulled into the Speedway gas station at Edison and South Bend Avenue, police said, and about 30 seconds later a third vehicle, a black Dodge, pulled in as well, blocking the victim from leaving.

Intending to apologize, the victim exited his vehicle, police said. He was met by the driver of the SUV, who punched him several times in the mouth, knocking him unconscious.

I had my seatbelt on the whole time, and I wasn't punched by the SUV driver. I was sucker punched by his buddy from the second car while I was paying attention to the driver of the suv who was walking around yelling.

This all happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. Th…

Email Acrobatics

The scenario
I have a couple of work email accounts that I receive a relatively large amount of email to.
I also have Gmail, which gives me a gigabyte to work with, and some nice search/browsing functionality.
The wishes
The fewer times I change my distributed email address in my lifetime, the easier more people will have it in communicating with me, and the fewer times somebody will fall out of contact with me.
Gmail from a browser, Thunderbird from work, and Mail from my Apple Powerbook. I never want to miss an email, but I want to be able to pick and choose my mail client at a whim. Each has it's own features and flaws.
I have no idea how long my current work address will work... could be anywhere between weeks and decades. I also have no idea what my monthly budget will look like through the years, given my eclectic interests. For all I know I could be a bum, I can't expect to be able to pay a monthly hosting bill.
The superheros
HotPOP: Early in 2002 I signed up for justinw(…