Be fruitful and multiply

One of the reasons I don't post very much is because there is both so much going on, so much waiting to go on, and so much that has gone on, that I don't know where to start, or if I even really have time to start. In some sense, it's somewhere between me being too lazy to post, and me bumping this down on my list of priorities. Meh. Sorry for that random rationalizing. Meticulously ridiculous. :)

I ingeniously came up with that two-word pairing on Friday evening with some of the branch young adults as we sat outside relishing the temperature, after a relaxing meal and some prayer & praise. I think I was pretty quiet that evening.. usually when I'm quiet, it's through some lack of effort on my part, which is inadequate. But sometimes it's because I'm just comfortable, and content to share time and space with friends, and giving the conversational portion of my brain a much-needed break.

This last year has been an assortment of changes, which looking back on now, seems to be a good symptom of a nourishing, supportive, healthy, right community. Assuming that the changes themselves are good, it is a Good Thing for me to be in a community that encourages me to think critically about my lifestyle and to make changes I deem important. That is something very lacking in peoples' lives these days. (says the young, naive, single. "these days"?? more like "since the beginning of time"!)

I went to Trinity's honors night last night, and was happy to get a little update from & introduction to many in that student body. Yesterday morning I suffered through a half-marathon with very little prior training, but was much happier to be able to share the experience with friends. It was interesting to discover how content I was to simply do my best and accept my sub-par time. Despite what Kyle may say, he beat me fair and square and I did not let up on him. :) Youth soccer ended a few weeks ago, and while I don't miss the strain on my schedule or the pressure, I miss the kids and the experience which the pressure would lead up to. Memorial Day was a whirlwind for me, beginning with the arrival of Daniel and myself at my parents' lake cabin for a brief over-nighter at midnight.
Memorial Day '07
That morning we drove back and I joined friends in another road trip, up to a beach on Lake Michigan. We played beach volleyball, frisbee, froze in the freezing water, while sunburning, and then headed back towards SB. It could have lasted longer, but then again the summer is young and we had places to be. Many of us came back to my household for a pool party that was already in full swing. Though it was almost an entire week ago, that party is one of the biggest things I was thankful for when we shared our blessings last night at dinner. I got to party and hang out with two of my favorite groups of people who are usually separate. Household/neighbors, and branch young adults + friends. It made me happy to see kids (and a couple unnamed Dad's) whomp on my friends in pool volleyball. It made me happy to see another whomping by the kids take place out on the driveway basketball court. It made me happy that both groups got to experience each others' presence in a new way, ranging from prayer to sunburn.

That's all for now, I'll be wobbling around on sore legs all day, with some peeling skin and chafed nipples. But that's ok because I'm happy and this is my blog where you get to learn a little too much about me. Occasionally. To God be the glory!

(PS - I'm totally excited about work. Is that allowed? We've been putting in overtime for the last few weeks, I've been getting more trial-by-fire on Django and CSS, we're getting more folks in for the summer/year which in a situation like this will give me much more than simply a new co-worker, and we just ordered a new server and rearranged our office! It's like Christmas! :)