Due for an update, but you only get the last 12 hours

This morning was my second Saturday with the kindergarten and first grade boys soccer group for the South Bend branch of the People of Praise. I spent an hour and a half with them, playing a soccer game occasionally even with just one soccer ball, and playing assorted other exercises and games. These boys are great.. I'm still very much learning how one must lead a group this age. They each insist on individual attention, but if I give it to one boy, the rest turns to chaos. Some are on the verge of tears at one point, and at the height of elation at other points. They are all eager to love me and spend time with me whenever they see me. Youth are so transparent, we have so much to learn from them! It's also a testament to the tireless work their parents put in to forming them. At the very least, our community is a collection of passionate parents. More likely, we stand out for our interest in sharing this experience with not only our own flesh and blood.

Immediately after that, I got a call from JT whose parents are in the process of moving, and had a need for my truck if it and I were available. During one of the drives, Terry told me about the recent car accident on the Indiana Toll Road... a massive pileup after traffic was already backed up due to a previous accident. A semi driver plowed through a few cars, killing 8 people. Among the victims were a few Amish people. What a ripple of pain things like this send through a community, not unlike the Virginia Tech slayings and suicide. Then I actually swapped my truck with Terry's car so that he can use the truck for the next few days, moving odds and ends, before one of the infamous POP-style moves on Tuesday night. In Muncie, we're called the Hallelujah Movers whenever we get together for a move. I came back to find the Havard's working on putting the finishing touches on de-winterizing their backyard pool... the water is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but of course the kids are still itching to hop in! Incredible. Came down to my room to check email/blogs, and found a coupla interesting posts. Chuck is officially out of my league. (for now. ;-) Becky, who I'm probably not even allowed to call my friend just because I don't really keep up with her, posted about another blogger who is usually hilarious, but just blogged about losing his parents in a car accident. Turns out it is the same accident I just heard about this morning. Wow. Here's the blogosphere at work for you.. you get to get a personal reaction from somebody severely impacted by it.