Sunburst '07 Training

This past summer, I moved out of the big windy city and into the college town. One of the things I gave up was the running scene... I really miss it. I'm still in contact with various friends I ran with, and there is no shortage of temptations to return for races. My somewhat radical lifestyle change included squeezing my running kind've out of the picture to make room for new relationships and more work in other areas. I haven't done nearly as much as I was doing in Chicago.. I think I ran in about 20 races over the two and a half years I was there, with countless training and fun runs with friends and larger groups. It was a blast, and a fitness challenge.

Chuck keeps goading me though. Reminding me. Taunting me.

This weekend I snagged a new pair of shoes so that I don't have any more excuses. There has been sporadic talk amongst folks around here, about going out for the Sunburst Races, on Saturday, June 2. That's a mere 3 months away, but depending on where you're at, and which distance you'd like to run, and what you'd like to accomplish, that can be plenty of time. There is already a respectable number of us, but we could use more! We need encouragement! Come on out and run with some of us.

Sunburst '07 : POPrunning.pbwiki.com

Note: I believe some of those mentioned here may consider this a "premature" post, or an "out of the blue" post. That's ok. Ask them about it again in a month. :)

(Who else?? Who can I add to the list?)