For yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory..

This morning I sat down with the guys from 9of.us to make a list of all the people in the PoP that we know about who have blogs. A post that Jeremy wrote up about it can be found here: People of Praise blogs.

I just met Rus this summer, and he's living in Indy now with a couple other guys, Nick & John, but after clicking through that list to his blog, I found a full circle connection. He posted a letter by Mary Gaffney, whom I haven't exactly met yet, but whose brother Pete I just lived with for 6 months. To know him is almost to know her, they sound similarly passionate. He recently moved in with his aunt, but at the time of Mary's accident, he was still living with us, and we were kept abreast of the news, and thus an opportunity for us to join in prayer. Which makes her story all the more relevant! But I had no idea of the details behind the situation until I read her letter. It's incredible, and it's an incredible witness..
The driver of the car sat next to me and held my hand. I told someone that I lived three houses down and asked them to go get someone from the house. As the paramedics, fire department and police were arriving, Ben Reinhardt came to the scene. It was such a relief to see someone that I knew. Ben told me that everyone was praying and then knelt down next to me, put his hand on my forehead and began praying over me.

Stories like this renew my faith in the body of Christ. Set aside for a moment all of the preconceptions you may have about who the body of Christ is, and who it isn't. Set aside your memories of that fundy who makes you feel more like a piece of scum than a healthy body. Set aside your memories of heated arguments where it seems that words are more important than hearts. Bask in the reality of what people can do when they come together and find Love.

(PS- You can read about my new employer in the now-online February edition of Vine & Branches!)

Update: wow so I was way off on my facts. When Pete was in household, we were praying for Mary during some medical tests she was undergoing, due to her unusually high feeling of "thirst" even though being fully hydrated. Mary's accident was long after Pete had moved out, though we were still receiving word from him and praying for her at morning prayer. Oy! This abundant life is running me ragged! :)