New Job Again

So right now there is way too much for me to blog. At least it seems like too much in my head, maybe it will be more "whelming" once I get it out.

Got a call from my Dad, regarding his brother Mike who has been undergoing chemotherapy for some stage 4 cancer in his liver and colon. Last week's CAT scan showed another decrease the nodes in his liver, and... they can't find any trace of it in his colon. Gone. woohoo! God is good, thank you big man! The task is not complete, so continued prayers are in order, but we do we see that statistics are only statistics.

Spent the last ~2 days in Chicago, which I am very glad happened. On the train ride home, it occurred to me how odd my enjoyment of this visit may appear to many people I know. All I did was visit people, in the midst of pretty normal activities for them. I did some volunteer work with the HNC young adults, and got to see a few that I know and meet a few others. I showed up at the apartment Chris is staying at to sleep on the couch, I woke up the next morning, watched a movie, then walked downtown to SMS to go to lunch with JJ & Dave, and afterward I followed them back to the office and spent nearly 3 hours just walking around saying hello and catching up with people during their normal work day. I headed over towards the Cathedral, with a perfectly timed call from Noah to catch up with him, and then the late afternoon Mass and saw a few friends there including one of the newer priests that I had just been getting to know before I left. I walked over to Niketown and met up with a few friends there and ran a few miles in the pouring, but not too cold, rain. Then walked with Chris over to Calvin & Jillian's for awhile, then walked back up to the apartment he's at. Got back on the train towards South Bend this morning. So.... I didn't do much partying, or formal gatherings with people, but I had a blast just popping in on so many different people. I really felt like it was an efficient visit in that regard, and there were so many good people that I was able to talk with.

I had this whole past week off, because I am currently unemployed. A week before Christmas, I was approached by One:Ten Communications to see if I would consider coming to work for them. They are a division of the LaSalle Company. After about a week of discernment, I agreed to join their ranks and after putting my two weeks in with Orion, they let me know they were ok with just a week if that was fine with me, which I gladly accepted, giving me some time between jobs... something I desperately needed last time around. This upcoming Monday I begin with One:Ten and I am more than excited to be a part of their work. I am indebted to certain peers that I abandoned at Orion.

Paul B. asked if I would share for the 7/8/9 boys youth ministry this week, which makes me as nervous as anything possibly could. Things like this make my head swim until they are done and over with. I'm reluctantly, but fundamentally, thankful for an environment that pushes me in this direction. I felt the direct effects of it while I was in Chicago and feeling the strength to be myself with all the old friends/peers I was encountering. Nonetheless, I am almost bummed that I will not be able to enjoy this weekend until I get that over with. However, I know that i have no need to fear, the battle has already been won for me. I need only reflect the victory. Don't look at me, look through me!

That's all for now.