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In the universal search for truth..

.. we must open ourselves to the workings of reason. Maybe that can be our "common unchanging purpose" - the search for truth. If we maintain this as a great good in our dealings, we find ourselves able to more authentically communicate with people we thought we would never even understand or care to understand.

Although POP does not enforce polygamy (that I know of), many of the rules were very similar. For instance, divorce is against the rules; women are supposed to submit to their husband and let him rule their life; and the women are required to wear a certain type of outfit.

- a young mother who goes by Mrs. K, in a post titled Creepy.

For a few months now I've been following her blog. It originally perked my interest because it showed up in search results for People Of Praise (POP), and it has been interesting for me to follow, she's at the dawn of life for a new family, and it's enjoyable to read about her encounter of motherhood as a brand new experience.

In an earlier post of hers, I posted a comment but it was not well-received and eventually deleted. So I guess I'm posting this here because I was hoping for another chance at conversation, and also so that various other people I know directly and indirectly could see the existence of some tangible tensions that people on the fringes of the POP experience.

Thoughts? Questions?

(Update: the post linked to above has been removed. For reference, you can still read it in my blog clippings, but please respect the fact that the author no longer prefers to be associated with the content.)

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