Another couple years in The Gambia..

Greetings parents and guardians!

Welcome back to school and to an exciting year of learning!

Before I tell you about the great things your child will be doing in kindergarten let me introduce myself to you. My name is Rebecca Walters and I have just finished 2 years training primary school teachers (as well as a variety of other activities) in Niamina Dankunku, way up the south bank, here in the Gambia. Previously I have trained primary school teachers in Namibia, Southern Africa for two years and also taught grade one and grade two in Jamaica. So as you can gather I am a primary School teacher coming from America but moving around to where I am needed.

I am so excited to be the new kindergarten teacher at Banjul American Embassy School. I believe that kindergarten is really where the children develop the foundation for lifelong learning so I am honored to be asked to aid in this development. With hard work and fun times your children will not only learn the foundational skills for reading and writing, their social skills will develop though role play, drama, discussions, every day interactions and much more. We will engage in experiential learning in all areas of the planned out curriculum determined by the life skills and educational concepts needed to aid in the proper development and growth of your individual child. Your child's understanding of how they fit into this diverse world of life and how the systems surrounding them work together as well as work apart will also grow. That is just the beginning!

I look forward collaborating with you to create a basis for a productive and meaningful learning future for your child. We will work hard and play hard!

Thank you for your support,

Miss Rebecca Walters