The habit Little Rock can't seem to kick | csmonitor.com

From the article...:
More than 1,000 people now play on dozens of different teams in this city of 185,000. When people aren't playing, they come out with barbeques and ice chests to watch those who do. It has become the closest thing the city has to a community water cooler, a town hearth, drawing different social classes and racial groups together in a place where most people stick to their respective ZIP codes and political cliques.

Community! (PS- I'm now glancing at CSMonitor.com occasionally due to a comment read at, of all places, Slashdot.org. Though it's owned and managed by a Christian church, they do solid, balanced, unbiased reporting, the journalists are not Church members. In exchange for an article that is a day or two later than the initial coverage, you get a well-researched, thought-provoking article. Not just emotion-provoking. Not that the above article is an example of such, as much as it is a great idea for community-building.)