For the record.

In case I don't come back on Sunday, here's where to start looking:

This weekend, I am here with these people. :)

Update: The trip was good. I ended up driving, with Mary Wanta riding with me, and we met the other five at "The Gallery", a family-style restaurant attached to Day's Inn in Danville, and then one at the trailhead waiting for us. Glen County Forest Preserve seemed to be in relatively good shape - the trash can at the campsite needed to be secured from being opened by animals, and other than that things were good. There were a number of large trees down over the trail, though I didn't particularly mind them. There were just a few steep climbs through ravines, though again I enjoyed the challenge. The group was very friendly, everybody was pretty easy-going and while a few of them knew each other, the general lack of knowledge people had about each other going into the trip did not turn into a bad situation. Other than the vast overabundance of cooking utensils and tents.. :-P

I would definitely do it again. If I had to complain, it would be that I don't like "designated" campsites unless they have zero amenities. No thank you, I'd rather not have a picnic table, fire ring, outhouse, or trash can.