I can't stop laughing... my gut hurts!

Forgive me in advance. This blonde joke is high-larious!

P.S. - while I'm linking, you must read a bit about Obi-Wan Kenobi
I can't help you my love. All I can suggest is three things (1) whether you feel as I'm sure you do that Christ was true in his claims and is God (2) whether you are satisfied that the claims of the Catholic Church are reasonably justified. And then (3) -- probably more difficult for you than for me, as it's a question of temperament to start with -- whether in a Catholic Church you feel a sense of worship. For me this last grows. I find it less and less a difficulty -- in fact none really -- except through my own fidgetiness and distraction and general crossness with people and things -- but I accept absolutely now and with no effort that I am in the actual presence of God on the altar. There have been very few days this year when I haven't paid a visit -- even if only for three minutes -- to a church, merely to kneel and be astonished at the humility of God.

as well as John Heard
I think the pope knows more about gay people than most gay people do.

I've been a fan of both, much more recently of the latter while following his own blog over the last year or so.