My kidneys hurt..

This reminds me of when I had spinal meningitis in college, except I didn't really, just felt like I did. Maybe I wasn't at quite the level of deductive logic that I'm now at, as I insist that my kidneys hurt. As I squeezed into seat A1 of the little puddle-jumper for the first of two legs on my flight home from Charlotte yesterday morning, I pondered the achiness I was feeling in the general vicinity between my knees and chest. My groin muscles had been complaining for a couple days already, after playing some frisbee and football a little too hard. (When I say too hard, I usually mean running too much and dodging too fast... not catching too much nor throwing too accurately.) My younger and bigger brother and I had wandered down to a park, tossed the frisbee, and joined some neighborhood kids/parents in a pickup game of football, plus got to play with somebody's massive Newfie named Molly. Anyway, I was also experiencing some lower back soreness yesterday, which I initially attributed to the same cause as the other soreness. Too much twisting and jiving. I tried to sit up straight and thought that seemed to ease the pain a bit. But it didn't really fade away throughout the day. More like sometimes it would disappear, then reappear at the exact same intensity. All through this, keep in mind that I am at the peak of a lovely sore throat, thanks in part to a late night at work followed by a late night with the ever-enjoyable Detagoh (preceded by Tues. night Mass w/ Fr. Lyon @ R.I.C.). Keep in mind that with a sore throat, I've found that food goes down much easier than liquids, so I tend to not drink as much throughout the day or with meals. As a result, I'm a bit less hydrated than normal.

The final key to the puzzle: Saturday night in Charlotte, we all went to watch the Bobcats narrowly fend off the Washington Wizards, in their 2-week old stadium. This included the parents, Greg, Anna, her husband Brian and his parents, and about 8 of Anna & Brian's friends. After the game, the parents hit the road and the rest of us walked down the street to a bar. I had started out the evening good, didn't get any beer at the game. So much for that. At the bar I had 3 Yuenglings, 2 Irish Car Bombs, 1 Jaeger Bomb, and half of a Rum & Diet Coke. We got home around 1AM, and after a half hour of scrounging up some leftovers, crashed on the inflatable mattress. Four hours later, Brian was waking me up to take me to the airport, and we are back to the story. Lower back pains, which kept me tossing and turning all of last night as well, and I still feel them today. And you know now what my guess is. My kidneys. I hope they're ok! If they don't ease up in the next day or two I'm gonna have to see a doc for the first time in years.

On a lighter note (heavier to me!):
she taunts me
that i would flee
yet i know
that it has begun to show

Let me selfishly ask of your prayers for me, for courage and integrity.