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Five Idiosyncracies

This is going to be hard. Therese over at Exultet has tagged me with a meme where I must try to convince you folks that I am, for some reason, special. This is going to be really hard. But the fun part will be the end, where I get to tag a few other most unfortunate individuals.

So, five idiosyncracies, five stupid little things about me, quirks of my nature. Here goes..

  1. I walk on the edges. I hug the edge of the sidewalk, whether I'm walking or running. I subconsciously cannot stand to walk down the middle of a sidewalk, or right through the middle of an open room.
  2. Perhaps an explanation for the first one, I am always touching objects and structures that I pass. In the office, if I turn a corner, I nick the corner with my knuckles as I pass. In stores, I feel nearly everything that I come near. It's some kind of sensory curiousity/boredom.
  3. My ideal sleep conditions: on my stomach, socks off, feet off the end of the bed so my legs can lay flat, head resting on the very corner of a pillow using only a tiny bit of it (or no pillow or pillow on top of my head), and head turned in the direction of whichever nostril happens to be more clogged (which doesn't have to be very much to tell a difference), wearing thin shorts and a tshirt, no more no less. The colder it is, the better, though I always need a blanket, at least for later in the night as my body temperature drops. Cannot fall asleep to music or a movie, unless I'm in sleep debt, or unless they're on a timer to shutoff within 20 minutes. I cannot sleep on my back.
  4. I cannot think straight if somebody's watching me.
  5. I am the epitome of monotone, my voice is even monotone in my head.

Done!! Finally. "... and there was much rejoicing. [monotone]yaaaaaah[/monotone]"

Now then, time for the harvest. My demands are these: I must be granted one blog post each from C2, Ego, Leigh, Don, and Dave. Don't make me ask twice, you'll regret it! And you (yeah you!), if you don't have a blog, consider this your tag. Find yerself a free blog provider and get crackin'.

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