so far i've donated a couple bucks to the Red Cross and to a local charity, but my heart's breaking watching the coverage. i'm not sure what else to do besides prayer.

and, another thing going on inside me, is the realization that this disaster is a macrocosm of something that happens every day in my life: people in pain. when it's my neighbor or my co-worker or whomever who has a "hurricane event", am i as eager to help them as i am to help the people i see on the tv screen right now? i'm not sure, i hope so... in any case, i feel like a discussion here can offer us all creative means for helping people experiencing hurricanes both large and small.

It's so easy to look at this and see it as HUGE and to look at the "smaller" problems people face every day. In reality, however, those "smaller" problems, to those who are enduring them may well be, to them, just as huge as this hurricane is.

(PS - just received a few people pics from this summer's theology on tap)