A True Blogger

News by amateurs. Why? Because there are so many more of them, they're everywhere! This guy in particular would probably not like to be called an amateur at anything. He's a Green Beret and is currently employed by a domain name registrar located in the 10th floor of a skyscraper in downtown New Orleans. His job title? "Crisis Manager" He's got an account on LiveJournal that was started just before Katrina blew into town, and he has been posting frequent updates, known as "liveblogging". The best way to experience it is to go all the way back to the oldest entry and read them in chronological order. It may be overwhelming to try to read the comments too, though..

Oh yeah, New Orleans is under full evacuation orders, and this company has yet to experience a service outtage.

The Interdictor. See the top of the page for a link to a webcam he has running. I just sat and watched him for like 20 minutes. Oh and he's on IM as "IKilled007"... I got the thumbs up I requested about 3 minutes after asking. :)