What's really important.

A movie is an opportunity for a director to focus our observations of life into directions that he deems important, for whatever reasons he sees fit. Sometimes that direction meshes with our own direction, sometimes it doesn't and leaves us pleasantly surprised and entertained. Well I just watched a movie that, while many may find it boring, meshed more closely and directly with my own focus, at least at this point in my life, than any movie ever has before for me. I'm not sure how to word it any more clearly than that. Basically, while I may not agree with all the choices the characters made, I wholeheartedly agree with where the camera zoomed in, what music was playing at what times, the glimmers of emotion that were the primary focus of the movie rather than a juicy sub-plot as they are found in most movies. I guess what I'm saying, is, if you want to see the world the way I see it, watch this movie. Crash. (Not to get your hopes up or anything, like I said, you'll most likely find it boring.) See more about it at IMDb or via Google, or watch the trailer.