The land of Scots

Friday after work I went down to the Goat for a couple of drinks. The occasion was Sabeena's last day of work with our company and Kelly's almost-last day. I'm going to miss both of them.. I don't work as closely with Kelly anymore, but did with Sabeena. When I worked at McDonald's all through high school, the payroll was constantly changing, the average length of employment seeming to be 2 months or so. It's not quite that at Shared Marketing, but it still resembles it, when I think of the state when I arrived and what it is now 21 months later. Oh well, such is the here and now. Not everyone can maintain the record that my Dad has: the only employer change he's gone through since he graduated from college has been in the form of company mergers, and only two of those I believe.

An hour and 2 beers later, I ditched early to bike over to Rehab to spend some time with Barrett. This guy is an inspiration to me, so I'm enjoying the opportunity to get to know him. It's also been great for a re-examination of priorities & values. Two hours later, I biked home, scarfed down a PB&J, and then to Wise Fools an hour early from when Detagoh was set to go on stage. I forgot how well-attended their performances have become, they have a considerable number of dedicated fans consisting of family, a mob of kids that all went to college together, and their respective friends, and co-workers. The (quality) music was on the verge of deafening, and the entire bar was shoulder-to-shoulder full from 10:30, they started at 11, to their encore around 1. Unfortunately, either there was more smoke than usual, or I've become more sensitive to it, because my eyes were pretty irritated for about the last hour. Oh well, I don't think it's so unreasonable that my eyes should complain about direct contact with smoke. One of those things where I should be more grateful that my eyes are protecting me in that way. Good time though, though I think I was in a slower state-of-mind from earlier, and was also kinda talked-out from earlier, so I was pretty quiet. It was kinda difficult to get into the happy-go-lucky groove that Detagoh is all about. They're an awesome band, as both professionals and individuals.

Got home in time to get about 6 hours of sleep before biking down to the Jackson Blue line to meet up with Jennifer, Joanne, and Rachel and ride out to the Highland Games & Scottish Festival out at Oak Brook, a western suburb. A great experience! Food: I got to have a Bridy, a Scottish pie, some Turkish Delight, and some Irn Bru (one of few cola's that outsells Coca-Cola in a particular country). See this page for a full list of stuff that was going on. Saw a few games of rugby (I'm definitely a fan), the caber toss, various dance performances, a live sheepdog demonstration w/ sheep, lots and lots of kilts, a moving playing of Amazing Grace by literally hundreds of bagpipers in sync, as well as the Scotland National Anthem, and a procession of about 20 clans with their clan banners and traditional dress and even some swords and battle axes.

Was back on my bike by 7:30pm with a fresh sunburn (nose is the worst, as usual), and then on to Mama Desta's for some awesome Ethiopian fare... good good food. This was my 2nd time there, a reminder of how much I enjoyed the first time, and affordable too. Need to get back to try some of the Honey Wine though. I went there to meet up with Dave (see his new Artist page, good stuff) and a bunch of his (some mine too :) buds for his bachelor's/dead-man-walking party. After that we went to Dave & Buster's for some video games and golf simulator. Then to Dave's place for a bit of music, a Jäger-bomb (mmm), and further developing of my ability to identify the aroma of a popular drug that many would like to see legalized. Then a short walk to Clint's apartment and his disgustingly huge TV to hang out and watch Shaft, which I'd never seen. Finally left around 4, to the train station w/ JoeJohn, to Mama's to grab my bike, and bike home along the lake... to the metamorphisis called "dawn"... there was some low-lying fog in Lincoln Park, and then getting out on the bike path I was probably an hour ahead of actual sunrise. I pulled it over and just sat and enjoyed the show for about 20 minutes... I wanted to catch sunrise, but decided that was a bit too long to wait. Next time! But I got pretty close to it... it's amazing to think that we all sleep through the most piercing moment of darkness dissipating. What would it be like to spend an entire month waking up a half hour before sunrise and just drinking it in for 45 minutes before starting your day? Maybe someday. Why not today?