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Information Overload!

Human beings are adaptable. That is the assumption upon which I rest my patient but ever-increasing "research" - if it can even be called that - on the global internet. It started out with the occasional search engine query in high school, to more of that in college plus plenty of geekology, to an explosion towards the end of college ('03) and continuing today.

As internet consumption increased globally, so eventually did internet production, and with that production has grown my own consumption. It was once a network of academics, a bunch of geeks illuminating the [techno]logical portion of my brain. I crawled online first through a local dialup bulletin board system, which managed to give me a real email address, not just one local to that system. Now I'm up on the surfboard, riding wave after wave of information pertaining to nearly every aspect of my life. In fact, the raw volume has helped both hone and broaden my interests.

My arrival in Chicago ignited a fresh tidal wave of information. It stoked the search engine. Does it make any sense that the windy liberal city has brought form, body, definition, to my conservatism?

Anywho, the whole point of this post was to mention that if you are getting information overload thanks to technology, like I am, you should further your utilization of technology to streamline and prioritize the information, rather than simply burning out and either riding the wave sporadically, or riding the wrong wave. With information comes misinformation.

To follow, in InfoOver part II, will be some concrete recommendations. In the meantime, meditate on why you talk more than you read. :-P

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