Dialogue is beautiful

Can't really write much at the moment, but just wanted to share a little surge of "dialogue awareness" that has been wafting about in my mind. Firstly, I read a bio on a woman who will be speaking on a weekday evening later in June up near me. There is a collection of some of her reflections at Voices in the Wilderness, and I can post the bio if anyone's interested, you can tell that she cares very deeply about peace and the Iraqi people. I believe she'll be at St. Teresa's on the evening of June 22. Secondly, how many of you have had any sort of introductory ethics course where one of the scenarios is, "You are hiding a Jew in your home during WWII and some Nazis come and ask you if you have any Jews with you. As a lover of Truth, how should you respond?" Get some flesh and blood injected into this generic story by reading how A priest embraces his hidden Jewish roots, found via Christdot.org.