"United" Nations?

The numbers keep going up. Now, reports indicate that Saddam Hussein received at least $21.3 billion in oil kickbacks from the $64 billion program. Also, the value of other fraud related to the scandal associated with the United Nations’ Oil for Food program are supposed to be twice as high as previously reported. The amount of money and the complex network of corruption defy belief. Nevertheless, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hints that its “staggering” disclosures have just begun. The fact that so-called “humanitarians” profited enormously from a program that was supposed to benefit the poorest of the poor is appalling. - The United Nations’ Oily Outrage

Is this editorial accurate? If so, can we blame Bush's continual reluctance in submitting to the UN? Most recently in the Tsunamai relief efforts. If it's not, I need to start studying the UN even more. It's a fascinating structure. Kinda wish I would have talked to some of the "Model UN'ers" that I'd encounter in college.