Hopefully a new trend!

A new free webmail service called ippimail is currenly in it's beta stage. I found it via Open Source Disaster Relief - by Email (Smart Mobs), which linked to it via WorldChanging.

Each time you use Ippimail, 10% of profits go to the Open Source Community. Of the remainder, 50% goes to the charity of your choice and 50% is given back to you by way of improving Ippimail.

Join us and help us reach our target of raising $1m/day for charities all over the world.

I've always looked with disgust on how marketing has literally overrun the internet and most other public forums. But until now, I've never really thought about harnessing that as a "resource" for my own nefarious desires for "good". I can see myself being a little more patient with those flashy ads if I was assured that the pennies paid to gnaw at my screen real estate were kinda like me putting my pocket change in the collection basket.

Maybe this site will be a success (how could it not be, it's an open source evangelist!) and spur other entrepreneurs to offer me more services by which I can validate my existence in a commercial economy.