Housekeeping! You want me fluff your pillow?

Finally, I am street legal! I was driving on expired plates for a few weeks, and for the past few months I've been getting raped on monthly parking in my building.

When I was in Muncie this past weekend, I went to the BMV and requested a new copy of the title to my truck, which I had lost. Wednesday I received that in my mailbox here, and Thursday morning I drove out to an Illinois Driver Services Facility. I got my title transferred to Illinois, got it registered, and had to pay an extra $25 since pickup trucks aren't allowed to park on the street with standard plates. I then had to buy a Chicago sticker for living in Chicago, and a zone sticker for parking on the streets in my neighborhood. Lastly, I bought 30 guest passes for $6 total. Each guest pass will allow any car to park in my neighborhood for 24 hours. Hear that folks?! You may now visit me, and park near my place, without paying for parking. I'm pretty close to downtown, at the intersection of Banks and Lake Shore Drive. Just let me know you're coming by and you can grab a guest pass to stick in your windshield.