Where am I?

The past 3 weekends have taken me to 3 of the major museums in Chicago. The first was the Shedd Aquarium with Chuck, that was pretty fun staggering around like old men. The dolphin show was really interesting.. both disappointing and reassuring to know that though their training seems conducive to the typical programmer's "infinite loop", that won't actually happen with them. The following weekend, I met Sean and Don at the Museum of Science and Industry. I perhaps most enjoyed the huge model railroad including Chicago and some other cities as well, and maybe the little TV room they had which let you try to monitor multiple video and audio feeds at once. This weekend I went to the Field Museum with my parents, who were in town and got to see my place for the first time. Don, I got to see the Incan Macchu Pichu exhibit! It was good. I started to realize though how much videos/TV/internet can be just as good as a museum, when I found how much people (myself included) would cluster around the various widescreen TV's throughout the exhibit. Then again, maybe that's because most of us tourists are amateur historians.

For some reason, this weekend I got really thirsty, and I don't mean that literally. Thirsty as in a combination of lonely and eager to get back on a more spiritually productive path. I think I'm almost back to the point of desparation that drove me to a) ask a girl out over IM, the first time ever, b) ask a girl about a relationship, just a couple days after first considering the possibility, c) send a girl a letter out of the blue, her being a distant friend at the time, d) tell an engaged girl, to her face, that I liked her, e) begin a relationship with a girl who had just broken up with a close friend. (these are all different, and long gone, individuals, mind you)

There is no guaranteed pattern that will continue forward, though. A great friend of mine is doing a good job of bashing away at (subtle?) contradictions in my outlook on life and love.

And, again, I miss you.