I'm a dirty conservative.

I'm afraid that I've been realizing a pretty embarassing fact, the more I study the situation, and study the issues. The situation is that category of stereotyping, the ranging of... priorities and values... from liberal to conservative. Whatever that means.

Well it feels like I 1) hold a worldview that seems pretty conservative, and 2) have a natural tendency towards that direction, a bias if you will.

It's a pretty scary realization. God: I assert again, and remind myself, that in you is the fullness of truth, of perfection, of absolute love, and that your will for me is the most important thing I could ever do with my life. Mankind: through the grace of Christ, I have a great affection for you as individuals, and long for your well-being. I ache for your happiness. Friends: you actualize the joy I've stumbled upon, and share in my experience of it. Opponents: teach me your ways, and show me where we diverge. Seek understanding and peace.