Day is done

Finally did it. Got the marathon under my belt. Much of the run was spent in fear of running out of gas, which only partially materialized. I think more damage has been done with my satisfaction than if I had been dissatisfied, because I now have the itch for running. I've been going over my performance and setting a goal for the next one. Can't wait to try it! (and fail miserably, I'm sure...)

In other news, work is keeping me busy, and I'm awaiting the arrival of winter. A co-worker, Young, is intent on getting me to break some limbs via his favorite sport of Snowboarding. Also, on the ever-elusive path of self-improvement (and we all know what self-improvement really is!), I'm battling with demons of organization and cleanliness. Say a prayer for me, and I will you.

Anything else? I miss you.