Simple Pleasures

In case anyone, myself included, had forgotten that I am nothing more than a geek at heart... I just had one of my best days yet on the job, for one of the simplest reasons! Around the office here, Linux is somewhat of an ugly duckling. The team I primarily work with appreciates it for it's webserver capabilities, but beyond that, the company in general is strongly devoted to Microsoft. I run a Samba file server on the network, but it doesn't help anyone's perception of Linux because it's not a full member of the Domain, making it act all funny in Network Neighborhood. Well this afternoon, on a test machine, I was able to get Samba to a) fully join the Domain, and b) actually utilize some of the user & group permissions on the filesystem, which were inheritted from the domain controller. This is a huge step for my advocacy of Linux in the company, and saving them buttloads of money!

You may now return to your previously scheduled program. Time for me to head downstairs and get another crazy run in.