Isle Royale

Well, I wish I woulda been with them, but there's always next time. A couple weeks ago my Dad, our Boy Scout troop, my buddy Eric, and his Dad, all drove up to Lake Superior and took a boat to Isle Royale National Park for a week. What's most impressive is that the boys had never been backpacking, nor the other adult leaders who joined them! They had spent a lot of time getting all the appropriate gear and food, and building up muscle enduration with regular workouts. I've talked to a few of them since then and they all loved it, and testify that the exercising paid off.

This past Wednesday I drove out to Rockford to hang out with Eric and a few of his friends for the evening. That was a fun time, met one of the younger guys in his mens prayer group, Logan, and also his usual buddy Nate and a girl he's been hanging out with, Maria, and a couple of her friends. When we came back to his house I copied the 100+ digital pics from Isle Royal to my laptop, and just now uploaded just a few. Tossed in there is an older pic of Eric and I freezing over our New Year's Eve '03-'04 vacation.

Who wants to go backpacking with us? :) We're addicted to backpacking, and expect to be doing a trip hopefully sometime this fall, probably just a 3-day weekend. But that's only the beginning. ;-)