Friends seen/hung out with in the past two three weeks:

  • Eric came with his fam to my sister's wedding, we drank together and I have a priceless voicemail from him pleading for my help from a broken elevator.
  • Noah & Maria at Minnetrista before the fireworks... great to see them so happy.
  • Randomly saw Paul there too, only spoke for a couple minutes.
  • Susan and her fiance, um.. :-/ forget his name... were at the fireworks at Minnetrista as well, caught up with them afterwards. They just built a house in Valpo and she's looking for marketing work.
  • Friday the 9th, Calvin, Jillian, Sean, Joe-John, and I met for lunch.
  • Friday after work went to Joe-John's, picked up Sean, drove down to Don's, got some pizza for suppa.
  • Saturday we all drove down to Sarah's @ Indy to meet her, Lisa, Jackie, and Theresa. Hung out the rest of the day and into the evening. Crazy group. They abuse me.
  • Sunday, Sean, JJ, and I stopped for gas in Rensselaer and accidentally got keys locked in car at Gramma's. As a result we got to spend some time with Kelly and her mom. Good times. Also saw John & Chris @ Gramma's.
  • Friday the 16th, biked to a bar to meet with Chris, Chris, Dave, Calvin, Jillian, Lisa, Kenny, and Ilya's friend Heather. Sean showed up later, and then we had some Bacardi, walked over to a sandwich place, and talked for awhile.
  • Saturday Lisa & Kenny ventured over here to my place and we relaxed for awhile, then went jogging/biking along the lake, took really fast showers, went to Holy Name for Mass, then to Dave & Chris' place and went to Giordano's w/ them and Chris, Calvin, and Jillian, then back to Dave & Chris'. We saw the big crazy guy from Revenge of the Nerds and Bloodsport @ Giordano's, Dave spotted him. Dave, Chris, and Chris stayed home while the rest of us went to "Dave & Buster's" for games and drinks, then to a bar for drinks and dancing, then I went home at about 2:15AM. Fun day.
  • Sunday I biked and met up with Jim finally, he's got a lot of awesome experiences under his belt. He brought me in to their 9:15AM Mass in spanish, then we got some breakfast after that. Passed out for a bit that afternoon, then watched Dave & Chris make some great homemade potato chips, and got sushi with them and Dave & ... argh... forget her name! Jill. After leaving there we ran into Luz & Kelly, right by Wrigley Field.